About Us


Hi welcome to PT KURNIA BARUNO JAYA is a service company engaged in construction, interior, renovation, construction and demolishing. This company is owned and established in Indonesia in 2006.

PT KBJ management at that time was founded only as an interior designer and furniture. D'Hooeze who designs and manages interiors and buildings. The activities of PT KURNIA BARUNO JAYA at that time were only limited to the Jabodetabek area.

PT KBJ served the renovation of individual residences, apartments, hotels and offices. In 2012 with sufficient experience, d'hooeze has undertaken many projects of building and renovating individual residences, namely It is clear, that expansion is needed which does not limit the company to jabodetabek and only in interior designing.

The management combines the company PT KURNIA BARUNO JAYA ready to operate throughout Indonesia and further in the construction business to expand our business which includes developers as well as general contractors, as well as our long term relationship with customers is the value we value for building relationships with customers.


Menjadikan perusahaan kontraktor & interior yang berlandaskan layanan yang berkualitas dan inovatif serta mampu memberikan layanan terbaik untuk customer dalam memberikan ide dan konsep yang diinginkan.


1. Berkomitmen untuk menghasilkan desain dan ide yang bermutu dan berkualitas.

2. Menjadikan kepuasaan pelanggan sebagai prioritas utama.

3. Menjadi  perusahaan  jasa konstruksi dan arsitektur yang mampu menciptakan layanan yang inovatif dan efektif.